Problem with Export : The Glossy BSDF didn't work

[Blender Version:2.79 & 2.80 beta]
Recently my team was making a game using Unity, and my task is to do the 3D modeling.

But when I use the Cycles Render and choose the Glossy BSDF material, the exported file(fbx/obj) didn’t have any material in the Windows Paint 3D. While in Unity it did have a material sharing the same material name in Blender but all is the default in Unity

I have tested this both in Blender 2.79 and 2.80, both didn’t work. But when I changed to Blender Render(not using the nodes) or use the Eevee’ Principled BSDF, it exported correctly.

I also doubted if I set something wrong when exported? But I couldn’t figure out.

Could anyone give me a hand to tell me how to exported the Glossy BSDF material.Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can’t just transfer materials between applications like this…


You may have seen sets of PBR textures around the place. They have like 4 maps - colour, roughness, metallic, and normal, or something similar. As all these programs use roughly the same shading methods, these can be transferred.

Also - I’ve not used it, but… this exists…

Thank you for your reply. But unluckily I tried this add-on, and nothing changes. I still can’t get my desired material(both in Windows 3D paint and the Unity), it’s the same results as I mentioned above.