Problem with Export : The Glossy BSDF didn't work

[Blender Version:2.79 & 2.80 beta]
Recently my team was making a game using Unity, and my task is to do the 3D modeling.

But when I use the Cycles Render and choose the Glossy BSDF material, the exported file(fbx/obj) didn’t have any material in the Windows Paint 3D. While in Unity it did have a material sharing the same material name in Blender but all is the default in Unity

I have tested this both in Blender 2.79 and 2.80, both didn’t work. But when I changed to Blender Render(not using the nodes) or use the Eevee’ Principled BSDF, it exported correctly.

I also doubted if I set something wrong when exported? But I couldn’t figure out.

Could anyone give me a hand to tell me how to exported the Glossy BSDF material.Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can’t just transfer materials between applications like this…


You may have seen sets of PBR textures around the place. They have like 4 maps - colour, roughness, metallic, and normal, or something similar. As all these programs use roughly the same shading methods, these can be transferred.

Also - I’ve not used it, but… this exists…

Thank you for your reply. But unluckily I tried this add-on, and nothing changes. I still can’t get my desired material(both in Windows 3D paint and the Unity), it’s the same results as I mentioned above.

Did you find any way to solve this? Im facing the same issue

I dont think obj exports have materials applied to them, just the geometry data. As for FBX you may have to bake any PBR (nodes before the principled or other shader) into an image file and plug that only, into the shader.

I found this tutorial helpful - Though there are other baking methods that help give different results, like plugging in non shader nodes directly to the material output, and baking them using the emit option.