problem with extruding a .svg file

hello all,
i want to create an 3d model from a svg file. i looked at some tutorials but i still have a problem.
first i import the svg file, extrude it, convert it to a mesh with alt c.
if i go to edit mode, i see one face is grey, black white dotted. so there is a mistake.
then i remove double vertices, it removes 8, and in edit mode the modell looks normal. if i switch to object mode and back to edit mode, the same face shows error again, but this time i cannot remove double vertices.
very strange to me. since i am beginner i suspect i miss something.

can anybody help with that problems. its bugging me since hours…
attached the blend file.

thanks, michael


svg_extrude.blend (389 KB)

Grey black/white dotted is last selected (active part of selection) face. If you switch to face select mode and select different face, that will be the one crosshatched.

.svg bringing in some double vertices is nothing unusual; you deleted them, fine. To be on safe side, select all and Ctrl-n recalculate normals is another thing to do.

thanks so much, now it works.
sometimes you need somebody who tells you there is no problem when you think there is a problem :wink:

Just a minor note: You don’t have to convert the .svg curve to a mesh in order to extrude it. I’ve imported complex logos and extruded them immediately after import using the curve panel.

but later they have to be converted in order to use the boolean modifier, wright?

Yes, Boolean mod needs mesh.
Use boolean operations as a last resort. Manual modelling almost always results in a better topology.

yeah i have to use boolean.

If you just need to cut holes to that curve, no need to convert mesh, use 2d curves and add more curve objects to that same object.