Problem with faces looking wrong

Hi, Im new in Blender, and Im having a problem with faces behaviour,

How can this be solved, and what did I do wrong ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check for duplicate/overlapping faces
Remove doubles (select all vertices and W / remove doubles)
Supply a link to your blend file for review

Hey Richard, thanks to your reply, just saw It now ( a long time after you post it) thanks anyway : )

Not for this subjet, since I solved it, but whatโ€™s the best way to share a blend file here?

Personally i use dropbox. What i love about dropbox is that its just a folder on your computer, and its as simple as to right click on the file, and click Copy link to clipboard. Its 1 click, and you have it on your CTRL+V.

However, it takes a bit to set up, but once its set up, dropbox provides with so many benefits for easy sharing, with syncronizing folders, easy file sharing, etc.

I think Gdrive has the same functions and benefits, so im not discarding gdrive, but im just used to dropbox so im sticking to it.

If you dont want to go through that struggle, there is a image upload button when you write a reply on the top row. Click this, and simply upload the blend file. This is how most people do it, and it works perfectly fine as well.

Thanks FinalBarrage.