Problem with falling coins animation.

I’m trying to create a scene where a large amount of coins fall onto a plane and create a pile using the game engine to record the physics to the IPO curve. I created a plane as a static actor and a coin as a rigid body and then duplicated it many times placing them above each other so that they don’t all fall into the scene at once. At first all my coins were falling straight through the plane so I subdivided it several times and this helped. The trouble is that as more and more coins fall into the scene some of the coins are still pushed through the plane. I’ve tried playing with the mass of the coins, but there are limits to the adjustments I can make before they stop acting realistically and I’ve also added a second subdivided plane just below the first, but I’m still losing about 50% of the coins before the end of the animation and so not getting the pile of coins I need at the end of the animation. Has anybody any ideas how I can get all my coins to remian on the plane and still look realistic?
Also is there a way to edit several object’s IPO curves at once. If I do get this animation to work each coin is going to have it’s own IPO curve and as the game engine calculates at 60fps I’m going to have to scale the curves to suit my 25fps render. I don’t fancy having to adjust 60/70 IPO curves manually and if I don’t get them all exactly the same it’s going to look odd.
I got fed up and deleted my attempts without saving, so I’ll build a duplicate and then post the blend here.
Thanks Folks

I find the accuracy of the Blender dynamic simulation to be a bit wanting. But you can do a couple of things. Make sure your coins BOUNDS type is set to triangle mesh. Also make sure your dynamic radius is as close to the mesh bounds as possible without being inside the mesh. The problem I see with the simulator is that the radius is spherical and most of the time I am using a non-spherical object. There is no fix for this, perhaps the game engine gurus know something more.

You may also want to check out the thread on the “heaper” script. It was designed to do exactly what you are describing. Make a pile of something.