Problem with fbx in animation

Hey Blenderartists,

since a few month, I have the same recurring Problem in Blender on two different computers and two different operating systems.
I have a Project I’m working on since many years, first in 3Ds Max, now in Blender.
In this project i use my own or other fbx animations on a character and use it with a Hair Emitter.
In this year, i could not end even one of those animations, because everytime the Hair or the Character “breaks”. Either, the Hair stands in one position in space and the Character is dancing out of the hair or my character reacts to movement that isn’t connected to it, and my Character breaksapart or gets scaled weirdly.
As i can’t imagine why this happens everytime (i used different versions of Blender, now 2.80) I’m asking for your help. I’m a bit sad, as i love Blender and the oppurtunities it offers me, but in the last time it’s frustrating me more and more.

I attached a screengrab of the problem, that happend just now. I was moving the camera (Yes, only the camera is selected, and the Character reacts to it and scales weirdly.

I Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!