Problem With Filling In Faces

Okay, I’m done connecting the edges, now when I try to Fill in all of the holes, I get additional lines that I dont need. How do I fill it in so that it turnes out like what I want.

After filling and getting the wrong result,try selecting all and press J. It joins triangles to create quads, but it doesn’t work in every situation. You can at least try it! Tell me if it worked.

No, it filled in the wrong triangles. Anyone else have any ideas?!?

EDIT: I think I figured it out, you press F.

In order make that surface I think it’s necessary to select four verts at a time and create the quad faces one by one with F. There’s no automatic way I know of to create a complex surface like that with nice quads. If you do F on a set of four verts which are already connected with two tris, the triangles will be replaced by a single quad, just like with Shift-J, as far as I can tell.

i think theres a function in the mesh menu that converts tris to quads and vice versa…

As bugman says… automatic face filling never does what I want so Im always putting them in by hand. rather than selecting 4 verts, its a bit quicker if you go into edge select mode and select opposite edges and f them

you can remedy the “shift-J” damage by lassoing regions (best in face mode - ctrl-LMB) and “J” - ing them group by group. Faster than selecting edges and F, although you can do this quick, too (RMB, shif-RMB, F sequence …)