problem with fire simulation

Hey guys,
I was followig the last tutorial (How to creat a Flamethrower), when I´ve got a problem with my render. Basicly the objective is to create a particle system that simulate fire (same as create smoke). So I added a plain (wich is the Flow) and created a particle system, and used a cube as Domain. I got this result:

Not so bad, right? ok, but my render is that:

You see the problem? The fire is created left (too left) from the plain, it is like the fire emerges from somewhere else, except from the plain.
As this forum is limited to 3 pics by post, my configuratin for both Flow and Domain are these:

Domain (Cube):

Actually the domain settings i’ll post in a reply for:" Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn’t contain forbidden words."

does anyone know why this problem happen?


Anyone know what’s the problem with it?

Hey, Tiago. Looks like you fell into the trap that Andrew spoke about in his tutorial… it looks like you scaled your domain while it was in edit mode.

Try deleting your domain and creating a new one with all of the correct settings but only scale it in object mode. That should take care of your problem.


yes i know the problem. took me months to figure out. You have to only do transformations (scaling being the most important) of the domain object in object mode. The simulation gets confused when you do stuff to the domain in edit mode

Thanks folks. I’ll never forget it. living and learning!