Problem with forum

I get onto Elysiun Chat, and it is the same thing as the last time I checked on! I reload, and it works, but is something wrong that’s making the original thing from today come up instead of the new one with new replies and new topics?

I use AOL, unfortunately. It’s version 6.0, so I’m quite behind.

There are unfortunately known issues with phpBB and AOL. :frowning: You might to check to see what your browser settings are. See if they check for new versions everytime or what.

ditch aol, it’s expensive and restricting. my 10 cents.

hmm,… thetechie do you know if this is caused by the html? or more a cookie problem?

If it is caused by the html it will be fixed in the new elYsiun.

It seems to be caused by a number “weirdnesses” by AOL and the way phpBB handles itself. For example, AOL expects certain headers and phpBB sends out different headers. It’s also in part the way phpBB sends its cookies. AOL expects the cookies to be sent differently. More can be read here:

oh my that sucks :slight_smile:

/me kicks aol’s shins!

So to answer your question cubefan, since this board is running on phpBB 2.0.2 the multiple IP adresses problem should have been solved.
The cookie setting issue is something I might look at, or rather test out sometime this week (read thursday or friday)

Temporary fix for you might be to disable the recieving of cookies.

Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it for real later, (I will need you to test it for me!!!) so I’ll e-mail you about that.