Problem with front and back color

Hi all,

I have a problem with the Painting Mode.
When I paint with a red color on the front of my model (it is a head),
the back of my head is also painted in red.
Like if my head was transparent.

Thanks for your help,



I may solve the problem with the mask option.
But I don’t understand how it works.
If you can help me with the mask option.

I would be very delighted


Hello there. So far I could think only of two reasons for this:

  1. Under brush Options: Occlude and Backface Culling boxes might have been unchecked (turn them back on if so);
  2. Or there’s a problem with your UV unwrap.

My Occlude and Backface Culling boxes are well checked.
I think that I can solve it with using mask option.
If you can help me in this domain (web sites, tutos ) I’ll take it.