Problem with fullscreen Youtube videos

Yesterday I uploaded a video to Facebook and YouTube. On both the color is a off when played in fullscreen: contrast rises slightly, and the reds become brown. It’s pretty ugly, though subtle. My video works perfectly well with VLC and every other video player I have. It’s a H.264 .mp4 file.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is there a known issue with fullscreen Flash/Facebook/Youtube that I missed somewhere? Any ideas on debugging or solving this?

Edit: The glitch occurs on all Youtube videos I’ve tested, not just mine

Perhaps this might help.

I don’t think its the encoding on my end. I did a lot more digging around, and I’m fairly certain it’s a problem with Flash. I see the color problems on all movies, but it seems to mainly effect the reds of an image, so I can only really see it in videos containing a lot of brick (which is why I immediately saw it in my film but not others I looked up). Moreover, the order in which I select Fullscreen and HD matters on Facebook. HD -> Fullscreen works fine, but Fullscreen -> HD causes problems, which makes me think it’s something on their end and not mine.

Video issues like this can be very tricky to figure out.

It happens on both youtube and facebook? You need to find out if others are seeing the symptoms. Post a link to the youtube video (I’m off facebook so if it’s not public without having to register I can’t get to it there).

If it is just you seeing the problem a quick step to do since you suspect Flash player (after checking you have latest version) is to turn off video acceleration in the player to rule out a problem with your card or drivers. Yeah a longshot but an easy step in the process of elimination.

Does the issue occur at the same place in the video or at any place when you switch to fullscreen? Does it happen only in fullscreen? Will it work at all in fullscreen (even after restarting or jumping ahead in the vid)?

Are there any glitches or stutters or anything not perfect in the source video? Small glitches can cause big issues down the line (some players OK with it some not). Also, video sites transcode your video so borderline encoding problems can be magnified there as well.

Post a link to the youtube video.


Thanks for the analysis

The video is

It might be my graphics card, because I have some limited success (about 50%) when turning off hardware acceleration, but I have tested it on 3 computers with different cards and each one has the same color issues on all videos, not just mine. I apologize for the confusion earlier, but it does indeed happen on every video. It’s just really hard to see on non-red/brown colors.

It occurs over the entire video when it occurs at all. Only in fullscreen. The video plays back fine, it’s just that the colors are subtly off. No glitches in the source video that I’m aware of.

Also, the video works perfectly fine when using HTML5 video, which makes me think it is an issue with flash.

Edit: Just tested with a 4th computer and it works fine. Now I’m really confused.