Problem with getting Symmetrize

Hey everyone,
I have a habit of editing 3d models by splitting them from the center first, doing the editing work, and then making them whole again via symmetry.

In order to ensure that the object has a perfect alignment on its outer border edge, I select that edge and scale it on the x-axis to a zero value, making the outer border edge uniform and ready for symmetry. Then I go in front ortho view and move the 3d model close to the blue z-axis (close but not completely touching as that would cause the mirror to be significantly thinner) before executing the symmetrize function.

I have been using this technique for a long time. For some reason, this time its not working. The symmetrical mirror on the x-axis always come off center and rotated a bit for reason I don’t know. I tried adjusting the origins to be in the center, but that didn’t help.

I hope someone can help me with this. Here is the file:

DCTherizino4.blend (672.5 KB)

Thank you

Apply rotation on the object. Its X axis is not aligned with the world X axis, but you are trying to model aligned with the world.

I’m not sure I’m getting you. What rotation are you referring to and how much?

Rotation of your object. In object mode. You either need to apply it, or model in your object’s local space.

Thank you Stan_pancakes. That worked. You sir are awesome.