Problem with Gigabyte gtx 670 4gb, Cycles can not use all memory of graphics card.

Hi everyone I have big problem with my new gtx 670 4gb.

I describe this in example.

When I create simple scene without materials, textures, lights, scene only with geometry something with 3mln poly (or higher) (light is only background) and if I click preview rendering or Render (F12) I get the same issue:

CUDA error: Invalid value in cuTexRefSetAddress<NULL, texref, cuda_device_ptr< mem.device_pointer >, size>

to monitoring memory of graphics card I am using GPU-Z program and it shows in this scene (3 mln poly) 1950mb memory in used ( when I trying render this scene).of course GPU-Z shows 4gb available memory to use

the other interesting thing in my case is that if I in this scene hide all geometry(by click H) then run preview rendering(every geometry is hide) and just after cycles is started rendering click alt+H to unhide all geometry the scene will rendered without this strange problem.

I hope this is clear what is it about and sorry for my bad english.
I will be glad for any help.Thanks

Specs? Blender build? OS? Scene? Why not even provide the most crucial info for help?

So checked it on 2.69.7 64, W7 and two 670 4GB.
Scene takes less than 3GB on CPU, but renderer fails to render on GPU.
But dont worry, we have UI !!!11

This is my computer specs:

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1 (New instalation)
motherboard - Gigabyte 970A-ds3
processor - AMD phenom™ II X4 965 3.40 GHz
16 gb ram geil
hard disc - Samsung hd502hj 500gb
Gigabyte gtx 670 4gb model name: gv-n670oc-4gd ( the newest drivers installed)
power: OCZ 600W

Blender build - 2.69.0 r60995

Scene - any kind geometry with 3mln poly (with or without materials, textures) for example one cube with about 3mln poly or higher and get issue.

I have also tried this kind of scene with demo octane render and there I am able to render scene with 12 mln poly without any problem

I have still this strange problem with blender 2.70

We had that topic recently: There seems to be a memory limit (bug?) in Cycles for geometry data when rendering on the GPU.

Cycles will not render a scene on (some? at least the GTX 6xx series seems to be affected) 4 GB cards, if the geometry data exceeds 2 GB of VRAM. So, if you had e. g. 1.8 GB of geometry data and another 1.5 GB of texture data that would render fine, but 2.1 GB geometry data wouldn’t.

OK My problem disappeared with blender 2.71 thanks you blender Developers