Problem with gravity.

Take a look at this screen:

This is the problem. Ok, when the character walks off the edge of the building, he continues to walk, and if he stops walking, he starts falling very slowly. How do I simulate actual gravity, for when a character falls off a cliff, he’ll fall as you would? (An example: Platformer character jumps from platform to platform. When he misses one he falls to his death and while falling all of his other actions are nullified.) I tried using a downward “Force” set with an “Always” sensor, but that affects his ability to climb up stairs. Can someone help me?

Have you tried to use soft bodies? I made cool, gravity based animations (bouncing spring, dissolving donut) using that feature. Just a wild guess. I have never used GE.

It shows. :stuck_out_tongue: Soft Body animations don’t work in the game engine. :frowning:

GameBlender’s built-in physics is fine for gravity, you must be doing something weird with the logic bricks. Are you perhaps applying an upwards force at the same time you’re applying a forwards force? Also it falls slowly because the game engine assumes you’re using 1 unit = 1 metre. If you’re not then you’ll need to adjust the gravity setting in the World buttons accordingly.

Keith. 8)