Problem with hands on a rigged mesh

Hello, I’ve recently been working on a simple character for an equally simple game, and have reached the animation part of the project. I created the skeleton for the model, and it’s working out reasonably well for a first time try, except for the hands. On each hand, certain parts seem to bend towards a specific point that isn’t related to the skeleton at all. It’ll make more sense if you try to pose the hands/arms in the .blend file I’ve included. Any help fixing this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


CommonGuard_01.blend (796 KB)

The thumb and finger bones has weight from each other. I did not say that right. select the thumb bone in pose mode and select the mesh and go to weight paint and select subtract and remove weight on fingers. and do the same for the finger bone. and the hand bone has influence on the arm.
the bone rotation is not good.