Problem with HDR and windows 10


I just bought a new display (Benq sw320) that should have some HDR properties.

I am using blender with Windows 10, my graphics card is Asus GeForce GTX 1070 turbo.

Well, the normal colour ranges look OK, but as soon as I try to “HDR or advanced colour mode” in windows and switch the diplay to HDR, I get really nasty colour bleed that makes reading text almost impossible. I snapped some photos of the screen:

this is sRGB

and this is HDR

I have been contacting both the display and the graphics card provider, but with no help yet. I also found nothing relevant googling :frowning:

Along with the monitor came a HDMI wire and a DisplayPort 1.2 wire.

Well, according to my understanding DP 1.2 is not HDR compatible and in fact with that I can’t get Windows to allow “HDR and advanced colour” mode. But HDMI 2.0 should be, but with that the screen result looks like described…

Could this be a Windows 10 problem? Any other suggestions?

Please don’t tell me to switch to Apple or Linux :wink:

I have the exact same problem.

I’ve been on the phone with BenQ and the makers of my box, Velocity Micro.

Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately not.

DP 1.4 cable did not help.

I have been continuing googling and this really seems to be a problem with windows 10 and especially creator’s update.

There is a really long thread at Microsoft’s site about the problems with HDR and windows 10. However, nobody from the company has participated the conversation with anything relevant so I think that there will be no remedy to this in near future.

However, with HDMI 2.0 cable I could get windows 10 to show colours correctly with a video player (MadVR) that uses display in exclusive mode. Also, some games that also use display in the exclusive mode work to my knowledge.

I hope that this thing will be corrected in the future updates of Windows but I don’t know how far up it is in the priority list…