Problem with Icarus Codecs

Oka, I finally got a hold of Icarus for motion tracking and when I try to import a video file it just says ‘Unsupported Format’ even for the videos that came with the program. I got so pissed I would have slapped Ghandi had he had been here. I need help. I think it is my codecs or something but all of my avi files open alright, its just they won’t open on Icarus. Please help!!

I had the same problem with v2.07 thats the version you have?
v2.09 works fine with DV-AVI.
You could use the quicktime .mov format with the 2.07 version.
Just convert .AVI TO MOV then import into icarus.
Icarus 2.09 is much faster x 400%.


that’s a pity, maybe you have to export your movie as an Avi format. %|

but I think you are lucky, because Icarus isn’t free anymore :frowning:

any suggestions on how I can get version 2.09 (possibly if one is so kind as to e-mail it to me but I am not suggesting anything…)? Oh, and while I’m at it, do I need to get a Blender Plugin to import the camera from Icarus to Blender? If so, where can I go to find that? Sheesh, the problem with computers is I can’t be an expert in just one thing I have to be an expert at a million things.