Problem with IK between hand_bone and forearm_bone

Hi Dudes!
I have also one question to you.
I’m working on some new riggs for my characters and few hours later I’ve wateched first part of rigging tutorial by Dave Radford
Everything looks clear but, I the moment of making IK for forearm bone from hand bone Blender says"IK root can not be linked to IK tip" so I turned of parenting between this bones and I have stretchy rigg, anybonde know how to make it non-stretchy?

Hi there,

Do you mean stretchy as in the forearm bone stretches, or stretchy as in the hand bone moves away from the forearm? IK controls cannot be parented, so it is possible to move the IK bone away from the bone it controls. I don’t use a hand bone to control an arm because of this, instead I had an IK control bone that not parented, and a hand bone that is parented. I’ve attached a simple file to show this.

Feel free to ask questions


Arm_HandRig1.blend (126 KB)

Thanks Revolt!