Problem With IK/FK Switch ' Please HELP!

hi everyone ! I’m Working on a rigged character for our(me and my friend) upcoming short animation. I have a problem with FK/IK Switch :
I created a switch by driving the influence IPO of the IK bone , which is the hand bone. for driver i Used a mesh object like a handle and I drive it using LocZ:o. Everything looked OK and switch worked perfect BUT when i try to rotating the IK bone in FK mode my switch never work after that:eek:. Actually my switch gonna switched off of when i rotate the IK bone(hand). :frowning:
I.m Using official Blender 2.46 Under Ubuntu 8.04.
You can preview my character in my avatar. I.ll share it to BA since it done!!!
Regards Friends!

Hi Maju

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I can’t figure out how the ik/fk switch would break. Its possible the ik bone’s rotation is accidentally driving the ik influence - but you got it working so probably not.

Could you hasten your promise, and upload the .blend now for us to take a look?

Thanks mikahl. I think i found a crazy but working solution. when I press up and down (or left and right) arrow keys just to refresh my current frame the problem gonna solve and switch back to work again.One known issue with this work is when you work in animation and creating actions, this cause your current pose lost. but you can use auto keyframe to prevent losting your current pose when refreshin current frame with up and down arrow key.
I’m for SURE going to share it on sunday or monday once the facial rigging is done.

That ussually indicates a cyclic error somewhere. I don’t have an idea what can be causing it from your description. I think you may have some outside-armature objects causing this, maybe. Either way, if you post the blend, doesn’t even need to have the character mesh if you don’t want to, but it should be a lot easier to fix like that.

Freakydude . thank you for answer, i solved the problem with a post related in forum and with your answer to that post . I had to create a separate obAction in the IPO window by clicking the running man icon. that was your answer to that post and i solved my problem with.
Thanks again.
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that would be my pleasure.

I don’t have a blog, but I added your link to my homepage, yeah sure, why not.

Thanks Dude. I added your web page to my links list. hope better friendship in future.