Problem with image textures in Cycles


Sorry if this is a total noob question, I am new to Blender.

I bought a .3ds model to play around with that is fully textured. It works great with the regular Blender engine but when I bring it into Cycles, the image textures don’t show when I render. I heard somewhere that .jpg files might not work with Cycles so I converted them to png’s but with no luck. How do I fix this?

Thanks in advanced for your help.


Jpgs work in cycles.
When you changed to the cycles renderer I asume you changed all the materials to be cycles node materials and linked the textures into your node trees. The blender internal materials will not work as they are.
Also make sure your textures and not packed into your blend file. You can unpacke the external data from the File / External Data menu

Copy that, thank you.