Problem with ImageMirror and animated Armatures

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble using a VideoTexture mirror and an animated Armature at the same time … :frowning:

  • The mirror is ok, works well ;
  • The animation works, but only when the animated mesh appears on the mirror :eek: !

Maybe I’m not using the armature correctly, I don’t know …
Could someone try the file please ? Tested with blender 2.70a and 2.75-rc1, same result …

ImageMirror_Armature_BUG.blend (954 KB)

Many thanks !

Hi, I think it’s a lighting problem. I added lamps and a red cube, which is visible on the mirror:

EDIT: Sorry it seems that I’ve not understood the question :smiley:

Animation culling isn’t quite bug-free at the minute. There’s a bug in the tracker concerning it.

Thanks for answering, I also reported it as a bug …
@youle: no problem :wink: the fact is that if you turn the mirror (using right/left) you’ll see that the animation of the body (that you can run with up/down) strangely stops as soon as it is not visible on the mirror…

Ok. It’s weird. However, these problems of animation culling can be avoided when you parent a big box to your armature.

Whaaa … =)
Thanks for this temporary solution !!
I wouldn’t have thought of it by myself :wink: