Problem with importing and exported .dae models with animations. *Video Included*

So I have been working on a concept weapon with another person (he’s my texturer), and I am trying to send over the animated model. However on all of my in-house tests anyway I try to export this thing, either it wont have animations or the bones get screwed up. See video for more information. Is there something stupid I am forgetting to do here?

No one can seem to help me?

Why do they need it as .dae for texturing ?

In the video you appear to be exporting as .dae and then just importing it back into blender ? What is the ultimate goal

You may also get more specific advice by supplying a .blend file rather than having to decipher a fuzzy video

Well as the OP says, I am exporting it as a .dae, and testing it by importing it back. And the ultimate goal is to have a none corrupted file to send back and fourth between my partner and me. Try the 1080p setting if it appears fuzzy.