Problem with importing .blend actions to Unity

I’m currently using Unity 2019.1.3f1 and blender 2.8 and I’ve ran into a weird issue. The issue at hand is the following:

For some reason .blend files with multiple actions won’t be imported correctly, also saving the file while on an specific action may or may not break the file. It’s hard to explain, but I have a little record it to show the behaviour.

I used to use blender 2.79 and never had a problem with my .blend files. Also, I think it’s worth nothing that I can’t export to FBX when the .blend file “breaks”. Anybody has any idea on how to solve this issue?.

Here’s the file with all the actions that I’m trying to import:

Thanks in advance!

Additonal info/update:

So, I had to do the following to make my .blend file work with my Unity project again, I downloaded a 2018 version of Unity, copied the file from the 2018 install to my 2019 install, then unistalled blender 2.8 and installed 2.79. After all this my .blend file still wouldn’t work since I couldn’t open it anymore even with 2.79, so I had to use a backup version of my blend file (I think it’s because I used a bone modifier that’s not available in 2.79) and now it works correctly.

But it seems the root problem is the FBX binary export, since I can’t export to FBX even with 2.79 if I use the binary version (ut8 codec can’t decode something something error), ASCII exporting works just fine. I’m at loss at what could be causing this issue :frowning:

UPDATE: So! Finally! I reported the issue to blender devs and they figured it out. There were some invalid channel names on some actions (nobody knows what caused this tho). Deleting those channels fixed this issue.

Link to the bug report:

Hi Luis I have the same problem, I have multiple rigs but is just exported the last action
I hope you can contact me in twitter @ashitomanrs