Problem with importing from Blender to Unity

Hi, I have problem with exporting a Blender made animated object to Unity. I didn’t find any solutions that would answers to my issue.

I made weight painting in Blender, but in Unity the whole object is moving, so weight painting isn’t working right. I tried .fbx and .blend formats, I baked animations and set exporting settings, but nothing helps… How to fix this problem?

I attached some images to show closer what is going on. Thank you!

It’s hard to tell by the picture, but It may be (usually is)an exporting setting.
Sometimes it’s a pain to get the correct export combination that make things work as expected for a specific object.

If it works in blender it should work in Unity.
Perhaps if you can show blender screens with the modifiers, vertex groups, dopesheet/action editor and export settings I can spot something.

Best regards

Here is more screenshots about my object. I hope you can find solutions from those. It would be easier to attach the .blend file here, but I can’t because I am new here… if that is even possible…

Well, all looks good except the use of two armature modifiers.
The Armature.001 is the only one that should be there. Try to delete the one at the top (pressing the x at the top corner) that says “Armature” , export again and see what happens :slight_smile:
Exporters can only deal with one armature modifier, having 2 (even if one isn’t doing anything) will just cause confusion.

I deleted excessive armature modifier and noticed that it was useless. I exported object again to Unity, but it still was working weird, so I rigged and animated the whole object again. Now it works pretty good. I am not sure what I did wrong… Anyhow thanks for your tips!

You’re welcome! I’m glad it’s working!
I have simillar issues many times. It has to be made just right or strange things will happen… the thing is that what is right to one object may not be to the other. So far I was able to make all the blender animations work in Unity.