problem with ipo object in walk o matic for 2.34

I’ve been getting an error message on JMS’ update for 2.33 under 2.34
something like

  • not a valid parameter * on line 166 when makeIPO sets ‘LocX’

it seems to work iff I link the ipo to a dummy empty before
this call.



Here’s the new function


makeIPO(name, ipol, expol):

    #create a dummy empty if necessary
     cc = Blender.Object.Get('cc')
     cc = Object.New('Empty', 'cc')
    # name: desired name for this IPOblock    ipol: type of interpolation
    # expol: type of extrapolation
    ipo = Ipo.New('Object', name)
    #link to the dummy before setting curves

    xc = ipo.addCurve("LocX")

    yc = ipo.addCurve('LocY')

    zc = ipo.addCurve('LocZ')
    for curve in [xc, yc, zc]:
    return ipo

234 doesn’t seem to like to add curves to ipos which aren’t linked to an object yet.

>> 234 doesn’t seem to like to add curves to ipos which aren’t linked to an object yet. <<

that’s what I figured. Shame as it seems to work OK in 2.33

the only logical thing to do is to rewrite the whole thing so that every ipo will get linked to it’s corresponding empty first and only then will curves get added to now (properly for blender 234) linked ipos. since jms was sort of taking care of the script i was quietly hoping he’d get busy with it eventually, but erm i don’t know - i’m kinda busy with some other non-blender related things, don’t know … but walkomatic was sort of on my to-do list (if some un-expected expert update wouldn’t happen before :stuck_out_tongue: )

Sure but a hacks a hack and I’m inherently lazy.

I guessed that the linking was the problem straight away
and wanted to check. The doc page for ipos is v. good but having different possible curve sets for different Blender types was always going to be emm delicate.

If I have some time this week I’ll fix this and add proper
names for the empties instead of “rightikt.00*”.

Question: I was thinking that it would be cool to add a
function to do the armature rigging. Is this possible
setting the track object on the relevant bones?

I tested the “walckingontheceilling” modified file with the 20040907 blender
win32 cvs compilation and it works perfectly. Do not see any problem.

thats cause they fixed the problem in CVS

i brought it up in the mailign list


Thanks for getting it fixed

I would report bugs myself but I have trouble creating a login.
They say my e-mail is already registered… :<

1/ What about naming the bone track targets properly then JMS?

2/ And BTW why can’t I set a track target on a bone for automatic rigging?

Where do you get the updated script? (for 2.33)

I can only find the old site.