Problem with joining nurbs

Hello, I’m new to 3d modelling, currenty I’m learning blender by the book. So there’s practice lessons, where you need to create a plate with surface nurbs circle. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, I follow step by step. Problem is when it’s says you need to ctrl+j all selected objects and press F to fill… everything folds up like this…

But according to guide after you select all, join and then fill it should be like this:
But how the funk? Yet again, If I followed step by step and it didn’t work?

Problems with making boat hull the same…
Like, I can’t model even with the book :frowning: or it’s author’s error?

attachment is not working…

I think you would need to convert nurbs to a mesh first, then fill.

Problem solved. I supposed to select everything and copy in edit mode. Now everything works fine. There was mistake in the book.