Problem with jump and move cube

Hey , i have a problem with my project (!SUYhSCQD!QOrEIG2G6gMLYoiaj1a7lCZe3p3ZrcHiXLH3QuFGXps). When i move the cube and press space to jump he slides or something like that on the floor… and when i move for example forward all floor the cube starts to get “tired” and slow… Whats’s wrong??

Its being caused by the high value on the inertia tensor and low mass value on the cube. Set the mass to 1 and the inertia tensor value to 0 on the cube’s physics properties. :slight_smile:

Hey, And you know why the cube sometimes slides when i press space to jump?

If you mean “why doesn’t the cube always move up when you press space to jump” is because you have your actuator moving the object along its local axis, which is always changing depending on how the cube is rotated.
Un-check the L in your Jump movement actuator will move the object along the global axis (which remains constant). Also, change the negative Z value to a positive one (positive Z = UP, negative Z = DOWN)

i’ve found out … thanks :slight_smile: