Problem with '+' key after On the 'Emulate Numpad'

Hi, i encounter a problem when i try to try out the “modeling octopus” tutorial somewhere in net.

I m using laptop and i “on” the “Emulate numpad” to active the front/side/top view for my 1,3,7. It works well

But i face some problem in using the ‘+’ key after i select some vertices from my octopus and pressed on the ‘O’ key for apply the “falloff” feat.

Once i select my vertices->pressed ‘O’->pressed ‘G’ , i realize a grey circle come out, then i try to increase the circle by pressing the ‘+’ key. but it seems dint increase the circle for me. :frowning:

Hope to looking for some help.


Give the page up and page down a try to increase decrease radius…

…or scroll wheel on mouse…