Problem with keyframes


Working on attached animation (go easy, i’m a newbie animator). On frame 117, when character is turning to face camera, his right leg and foot are too splayed out from his body. When i go to move his foot closer into his body, it then affects his left foot position in all the previous frames (messing up the walk cycle). Gone through dope sheet to see what might be happening but can;t see where problem lies. Wondering if this is programme glitch? can anyone offer advice please. I;ve attached both animations; pre and post foot adjustment.

Many thanksBG_Borg_advert2.blend (2.97 MB)BG_Borg_advert2_clubfoot.blend (2.97 MB)

Found your post looking to see if anyone else is having problems with key framing in version 2.78. Never had an issue before and have been animating with Blender for years but now I often find that despite auto keyframing being set and the alert appearing in the workspace when I move a bone - no keyframes were inserted and if I hit the ‘I’ key I (sometimes) get a ‘failed to insert key frames’ message. Problem is it does not appear to follow a set pattern, sometimes key framing works and sometimes it doesn’t. Weird - so question is, has anyone else experienced the same and if so found a fix?

we can’t see the attached character. All I see is an empty.