Problem with keyframing fluid properties

I have a strange problem with my fluid emitter object, in that when it has no keyframes applied to any of its properties it flows perfectly fine, however as soon as I apply a keyframe (say for example one at frame 1 for the emitter to be “on” and one at frame 100 to be “off”) the flow of the emitter does weird things.

If I do the simple on/off toggle keyframes, it tends to emit at the correct force for a few frames, but then it dies down and doesnt emit much or anything at all. If I set up keyframes altering the flow of the fluid from nothing to 50 over the space of 50 frames for example, the emitter doesn’t emit anything for a while and then all of a sudden spurts like a fountain at a random frame within that time-frame.

I don’t have a video of an example at the moment as it’s very late, but I was wondering if anyone would have any idea from my description if I am doing anything wrong or if this is a bug?


Ok I’ve uploaded some videos demonstrating the problem.

The first one is how it should look, the liquid flowing at a constant velocity of 1 for 100 frames.

Here is how the exact same animation looks it looks if I put a keyframe at frame 80 turning the fluid off. Notice how it starts off strongly but then reduces to a trickle.