Problem with Lattice

I’ve got a logo in curves, this has been extruded etc… Now when I bend it in Blender, it’s all fine in my viewport, but when I render it, some of the letters are all jittered. What am I doing wrong?

In blender viewport:

Rendered result:

Now I’ve ended up with this mesh after removing some unneeded faces/edges. Now just solidify modifier and lattice?

Yup, would give that a try first. Might need a little manual work to achieve the bevel of the front edges, though. So another way could be:

  • Manual extrusion,
  • manual adding of the beveled front faces,
  • perhaps Edge Split modifier to avoid shading artefacts with smooth / hard faces.

No I’ve already got this…

the only thing remaining is smoothing the faces in front and the bevel on the edges of the letters. But if I choose smooth shading with all vertices selected I get yet again artifacts.

Result with the front faces only smoothened…almost there… :slight_smile:

The Edge split modifier should take care of that automatically - with mayhaps a little tweaking of the split angle…

Result with the Edge split modifier.

But it’s a little too late for the bevel with the current mesh.

Thanks for all the help @IkariShinji

You’re welcome!

There are still some minor visible artefacts (yeah, I’m nitpicking here) - I bet that’s in areas where the “Knife Project” created n-gons (polygons with more than 4 vertices). Splitting those n-gons up in quads and tris (with the Knife tool, shortcut: K) might very well make those last shading errors disappear…

Just highlighted a few areas in your screenshot where n-gons correspond with shading errors in your last render:

Hi, is your red example created with the knife project method? Because I can’t figure out anymore how to create te bevel with the knife project tool. I know I should extrude vertices and resize them, loop cut in between for a nice roundness and stuff, but the resizing doesn’t work like I remembered. (Sorry, I’ve been out of the 3d-ing for almost 2 years)

This is the flat image of the logo,but I can’t seem to figure out anymore how to create a good mesh from it with edge bevelling and so on

it should, in my dream world, finally look like this (sort of)

without the outline around the letters

Creating the bevel with polygon modeling tools can be a bit tricky on a complex shape like that with the imperfections in the geometry:

  • Extrude will not create an equidistant result,
  • the inset and bevel commands will most likely produce an even messier geometry.

So I opted for dirty trickery…:wink:
I imported the curve as .svg and duplicated it. The duplicate got a small negative offset to create a uniformly smaller variant of the text. Then I did the “Knife Project” trick twice - with both variants of the text. Afterwards I only had to set them a little bit apart, bridge the outer edge loops together and extrude the base. Voila!

I’m starting to think, you also like the challenge of the bending of the logo :stuck_out_tongue: Is there any way you can send that blend file? so I can study how you did it?

Sure, here you are.
Just had to switch that over to Blender Internal real quick - I use Cycles almost exclusively. The bending is nothing fancy - was too lazy to setup a lattice deformer, so that’s three Simple Deform modifiers in a row (2 x Bend, 1 x Twist).

You are the best! Thank you very much, now it’s my turn to try and remake after your example…