Problem with library when I change from Windows to linux

I have a problem where I did not find any solution on the internet jet. I have a blender design
that uses a library file lib.blend. I use relative paths, so in the outliner I see //lib.blend. This
works fine as long as I stay with windows. But when I open the file on Linux (Fedora4) blender
does not find the library. In the console it tells opening /lib.blend which does not exist of course.
When I copy the lib.blend into the root directroy it works fine but that is just a dark workaround
where I need root access and have all my libs in /.
When I change the library on Linux in just lib.blend it works fine in Linux but not any more on
Windows beacuse it it serches for c:\lib.blend.
Does anyone know how to set the location of a library so that it can be used on Windows and
Linux where I have much faster machines. Thanks in advance,


i’m not much of an expert in this area. but i think you can get away with having the file on linux. Install read/write drivers for the linux file system on windows, then place a shortcut where it would normally be located in windows. The short cut obviously pointing to the linux file.


the relative file path should mean it points to both the linux version and window’s shortcut version, but both point to linux.

The reason i suggest linux has the original, is due to ubuntu having ‘unstable’ write feature to the windows file system. So i assume this is for all linux users and still the case now (not been on linux for a while)

Thanks Lucus for the hint. This could be possible when all machines are inside the same
network. I have machines that are not connected (at home, at work). Anyone else has a hint
or experianced the same problem? Have a nice christmas,


I’m a bit confused with what said above, in relation to your original post.

I thought you had a dual booting system. However, if you have two computers without internet access to each other, you have to manually trasnsfer the files to each other in the first place anyway? with a flash drive or something.

so there shouldnt be a problem if you package everything into the same folder? if the blend is in a folder called blender, and the libarary is in a folder called lib (which is inside the blender folder) surly a relative path which consists of /lib/filename would work?


[] = folder
| | = file.

i.e. keep ur lib 1 folder away from your blends?

When using relative links, I’ve sometimes hand-entered them into the path box instead of using the file picker. The relative format that I’ve found works across both Mac (BSD-based) and Windows is:


Where the first “//” signifies “current directory”, the “…” means “up one level”. In this example then, a blend file located at “/home/MichaelB/projects/test.blend” would be referenced from “/home/MichaelB/files/master.blend” as “//…/projects/test.blend”

Give that a shot.

Install read/write drivers for the linux file system on windows
last time i used these a few months ago my Linux partition was curupting very badly almost every time i booted Linux after windows. i think this is caused by windows not always unmounting the partition propaly. it also corrupts if it is force powerd off when any reed/wright is ocuring. though this experience was a few months ago and it may be better now.

sometimes blender creates a absolute path even if the relative button is pressed, check your paths are actually relative.

make sure you lay out your files tidaly, it is much easier to move them to a difarent platform


name of project>

----------(whatever your main blends are called)

then it is easy to copy the root directory (name of project) to another pc/os and all the files should work as long as the paths are relative.

Depends. There’s not just 1 driver out for linux support, since it’s open source many people can create free window drivers or even paid ones. The one you installed may be poorly made, unless your reffering to an official windows one?

Additionally, even on windows if you’re writing a file and turn it off it’s going to corrupt the disk and generate errors.

However, since NTFS (it hink it’s called that) is closed source, the write capabilties are ‘experimental’ on the linux drivers. which is a more risky alternative to linux drivers on windows.

Thanks all for the answers. I would like to make the problem a bit clearer because there was
something mixed up. I have two machines, one runs Linux Fedora4, one runs Winwows XP.
I installed blender 2.45 on both of them. I transfer the design from one machine to the other
on with a USB memory stick. I made a simple test case: I have a file called project.blend and
a file called lib.blend in the same diretory on the windows machine. The file project.blend
references a character in lib.blend. I open project.blend on Wndows and go to the outliner. In
library view I see: //lib.blend. When I open the file on Windows I see the following in the console:

Continuing happily
read library: lib //lib.blend

And everything is fine. Now I transfer the two files to the Linux machine, both together in one
directory. I start blender project.blend and see the following output in the console:

Checking for installed Python… got it!
read library: lib //lib.blend
ERROR: can’t find lib /lib.blend
LIB ERROR: can’t find OBArmature

Thats the problem. Of course there is no /lib.blend. Any suggestions? I already tried the trick
with //…/something/ with the same result. Thanks in advance,


kinda off topic but isnt fedora on version 8 now

Hi MorbidDog,
You are right, the Linux ia a bit old. But it is independant. I tried elsewhere on RedHat
Enterprise 5 with the same result.