Problem with lightning

Hi pepz!

Ive started modeling again, and thank god for cycles. Its a dream, that in one of my projects have turned into a nightmare. The lightning is really off. It dosent get any lighter, it just get greyer, Same with the emisson object. Maybe Ive made an easy mistake, But Ive spended to many hours trying to solve this. The lightning objects from Blender dosent help eighter. It just dosent give me any lights at all. Im running the 2.77a. And yes, Ive been playing around in the menus so Ive probably messed this up.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Put the blend file.


are you using an emission shader for the lightning itself ? It’s hard to say, try playing with the emission strength maybe ? I guess you’ve already done that. Can you add before/after pictures and specify what you expected instead please ?