Problem with lightsaber tutorial...

So I am having a problem with the lightsaber tutorial. For some reason, my background turns colors. I think it has to do with the hue/saturation effect. The tutorial uses 2 id masks, 1 for the blade and 1 for the handle.

I’ve tried running through the tutorial several times and this is as close as I can get:

The background is supposed to be black, but its clearly not.


Update: If it helps, it works if I turn the sky feature off in during the primary rendering. Therefore, it appears to be applying the color/hue and saturation modifiers in the node editor. For some reason, it selected the sky for rendering. So if you know how I can not select the sky element in the node mode, that would be great.

The other thing, which I am doing is changing the a setting from “Mix” to “Color” to reduce the impact on the handle. I actually do not mind having some of the light striking the handle, but “Color” seems to eliminate light from striking the handle if that is what you are going for. This effects the process at roughly 8 minutes into the tutorial.

Here are the changes in picture form:

(If you do render the sky, it will have a reduced impact, but not no impact on the background. So if you want a black background, you need to keep sky unchecked, unless someone knows how to fix this.)


Okay. Well, I find that the following settings also work well using the color scheme rather than mix: Hue .500 Saturation .890 Value .500