Problem with link_append command

I do not get link_append to append a group from an other file in the same way the manual Append-command does.
After link_append the individual members of the imported group cannot be accessed any more.
If I just import a single object with link_append: same problem.

I attach a screenshot of my Blender 2.69 after link_append.
The group contains 3 cubes. As you can see I cannot edit the visibilty of the group and its members any more.
Also, I do not get a transform manipulator when selecting the group or its members.

The command I have been using:

bpy.ops.wm.link_append(filepath="//testgroup6.blend/Group/testgroup6",filename=“testgroup6”,directory="/christian/perso/designs/testgroup6.blend/Group/", link=False, instance_groups=False)

I attach testgroup6.blend.

Many thanks for any help!!


testgroup6.blend (506 KB)

hi, I have some code here that may help.

Thank you Meta! But it does not solve the problem…

I found the reason+solution:

It works for me know, if I use the double backslashes preceding the directory/filepath-paths AND Blender 2.71.