Problem with Linking a tracking object

Hi guys, I´m making a adventure game using logic bricks (It´s going great!!)
But I have a problem when linking a enemy that has a “Track to” property.
In the Enemy001.blend I have my enemy with a Cube.081 to track.
When I link this guy to the main file (LEVEL ONE.blend) where the Cube.081 is, the “Track to” doesn´t work.
I do not know what the hell I´m doing wrong. (And I don´t want to use python to fix this).
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot for your time!

The actuator looses its trackto information. Using python is one (easy) way to solve this.


As moerdn already wrote, the name that you enter in the trackTo OB: field will be converted to an object before starting the BGE. That means it points to the object in the scene of the trackto actuator.

Look at TrackTo and added Objects for more information