Problem with liquid simulation... Please help?

Hey guys,

I am very new to Blender, and currently self-learning through some Youtube tutorials uploaded by very very nice people. Though, I am struggling at the ‘bake’ stage of the liquid simulation.

I dont understand how the baked domain could turn out like this:

It was suppose to be all inside the cup, but I had no idea how it stretched out in a straight line to the left. Below are my settings for your reference:

Would be really great if someone could help out… Not sure where I had gone wrong. Tried putting up the resolution but still doesn’t work properly.



Ensure you have applied all scale/rotations of all objects (Ctrl+A)
You should also change the viewport display from Preview to Final in the domain settings

Too many variables are invloved so please post a link to download your blend file. Upload your blend file to and replay with the download link