problem with list file python

i want to make a script to add a list of .blend files
and i dont know how to do it.
someone can tel me how to do it
i was see somthing like that in yo frankie but i dont know how to do it
i dont know so good english

First: you can not suppose that one has yo-frankie source available.

For me your wish: add a list of .blend files is not clear.

list =[‘f1.blend’,‘f2.blend’] you can not mean … so for help you have to be more precise :wink:

i see in this
but how to show it in the game.
in the prop it can’t show it

I am not sure what you are looking for. Do you want to show the objects from the blend files of that list to show up in your main blend file? (And in the game then).
If so, have a look at the “Append or Link” stuff. I have no idea if you can do that automaticly for several files, though.

i want to be a list of the maps (blend files) that the list will find in that directory the maps
i want jast to you say how to make that it show me the words.
all the oders i do in my self.

meiby you say to me somthing else
i do this

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
blendList = GameLogic.getBlendFileList("//")
for b in blendList:
own.text =b
print b

in the prop it shows only the last file
in the blender window it show all
i want the empty make a props and every prof difrent file
how to make it?