Problem with LOD in UPBGE 3.0

Hi, I’m having a problem with LOD in UPBGE 3.0 as the title says, I can configure it and it works fine until I use instanced objects, in the viewport the LOD works perfectly, but as soon as I start it in standalone, the instanced objects begin to show an incorrect LOD, like if they were meassuring distance from the original object to camera instead of the instanced object to camera. Am I missing to configure something? Thanks for your help in advance.

Do you always start the game engine in camera view?
If not, this can be the problem. Else, you can report an issue here:
with a test file. Thanks.

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Same problem here. And i always start with active camera view, no matter if it embedded or standalone player. I abandoned upbge 3 for that reason and for one more…

I still had the problem, I wanted the file to be smaller, but the only solution was to make duplicates. Thanks for the replies.

Here is a test file. (118.7 KB)

For me is working well as in embedded as in standalone and using an instance of original cube.

Thanks, it seems like if it works on two objects near each other, but when the objects are far, they won’t work fine, in viewport they seems fine, but as soon as I start the game, it fails to work correctly.

Here’s the blend to show the problem.LODTEST.blend (918.8 KB)

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I fixed it in your test file in last master. It will be available in the next builds.


Thanks a lot.