Problem with loop cut

Hello everyone,

as you see am i new to this forum. I’m also new to blender, so i maybe have a simple question for you guys…for learning blender i’m following the tutorials from how to made the character “Kara”. So far everything goes fine…until i needed too make a loop cut. I will post a picture with the problem. At the red lines (that you hopefully can seen at the picture) i need to make a loop cut, but when i hold my cursor on those places, he won’t make a line…it’s hard too explain for me, but i hope that you understand it…

As you see i also trie to upload the blend file so you can take a look :slight_smile:

Hope you can help me!
kara2.blend (419 KB)

  1. Remove doubles. (w-key, remove doubles, increase merge threshold to 0.01 by pressing the F-6 key)
    Now it will mostly work…
  2. Back has triangles, try not to have those for subsurf modelling (which is likely what this is

It help! Thank you ver much! But can you also tell me what there happens when i remove the doubles.

you had faces that weren’t’ really connected. multiple vertices in the same place in space. Think of pieces of paper lying edge to edge, they aren’t’ connected, but look like it because their edges were touching. Removing doubles joins all vertices that are close to each other, which in turn leaves joins the edges of the planes, resulting in a continuous mesh.

Probably a terrible explanation…

No, it’s the best explantion i could have…thank you very much! But can you maybe also tell me how to remove those triangles in the back :slight_smile: . It’s sometimes hard for a beginner :smiley:

well, you can select two adjacent triangles and press the F-key