Problem with making a Sphere object crack then slpit in two.

I want to first do a simple animation where a marble gets a crack down the middle then splits into two. I took a sphere and cut it in half then I merged the points so I had a flat side that I could later adjust. Yet When it is on smooth it looks like this I have tried Merging points creating faces nothing is working. I have seen stuff on here about stuff cracking but that is square stuff not rounded.

Can’t see why you are getting such a pronounced ridge between the 2 halves. Probably the easiest way to do it would be to remove half of the sphere, add a mirror modifier and then deselect Merge vertices before applying the modifier. You will still see a slight line between the 2 halves; if this is a problem during your animation you could use an intact sphere before the cracking starts and then swap it for the sphere with 2 halves.

Alank I tried the Mirror modifier it does help a little but I still get this. Remember I need a flat side so I think that is what causes the indent. Yet how do I still keep a flat side and get rid of that indent. I thought about the switching it out. Still there must be a better way. I know there are some scripts people wrote but I would like to find a way to do it using what blender has already. If anyone else has ideas please the more the better. Thanks Alank

I may found a solution. Thanks to Alank for the Mirror idea. I did figure it out. After halfing the Sphere extrude then extrude again right after then move those points to the center and merge them. Thanks AlanK again. Note if you take off merge and apply it seems like there might show a seem but as long as they are lined up it doesn’t show unless you look from the side then you see a little of a line.