Problem with mapping

Who could I fix this? I need the tilling to be equal in size. Do I really have to use UV unwrap? What is the advice way of mapping. I doing mostly builds.


I assume the problem is that the squares on the side of the block do not line up with the squares on the other two faces.

I think this can be fixed without UV unwrapping.

Make a different material for the side of the block. Add a new texture, but use the same image as the other faces. In that textures MapInput tab, alter the value for SizeY. Do a render and keep altering the value until the squares line up. (I say SizeY, but it might be SizeX or SizeZ, depending upon your object’s orientation. Experiment).

It is important to add a new texture. If you re-use the old texture, altering the SizeY will alter it for all the faces, not just the end face.

can I rotate the texture from inside blender 3D? if the texture is map in the wrong direction

Yes, three ways. When you load the texture image in the IMAGE pane, there is a button called Rot90 which will rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.

Alternatively, in the MapInput pane, there is a cluster of buttons labeled X, Y, Z. One button in each row is pushed. Swap the pushed status of the x and y buttons on the first two rows.

Or you can use a graphic program like Gimp to make a second version of the image file with it rotated in the desired direction.