Problem with materials and UV textures

I figured I start at the beginning of the gamekit series of tutorials, just to get a basic idea of how to do things with BGE.

I’d gotten as far as the pumpkinrun tutorial, only to find that when I have both a UV texture and a regular material attached to a plane, the UV texture goes away when play the scene.

that is because, by default, the newer versions of blender are set to use “blender multi-texture materials” in the game engine. (it may also be because you aren’t in the textured view)

To get your textures to display properly, you need to go through the process you would to apply a texture to a normal non-game object. This means

  1. going into the object’s material window

  2. accessing the texture panel

  3. adding a new texture

  4. selecting Image texture
    4.5 loading the appropriate image (it may already be in the database if you’ve loaded it already).

  5. going back to the material panel and setting how you want it to be mapped. If you have it mapped using UV then select UV.

  6. make sure you are in “textured” view mode.

  7. hit P

Alternatively you may want to go old school. Then you should go up to Game >> Texture Face Materials.

YAY! It works! I’m so happy, I could, y’know, kiss you or something…

Thanks. :slight_smile: