Problem with Mesh Deform - stretching legs ...

Hi there guys. :wink:

I have modeled a basic human character, created an armature with rigify and created a deform cage for a Mesh Deform modifier.

Then I have encountered a problem, which I don’t understand. I have already tried posing arms with Mesh Deform and it works pretty fine. But when I pose legs, the inner side of each leg is stretched towards the other leg. I don’t know where is a problem, because all verticies of the legs are inside the deform cage.

Can somebody help me with this? Because I’m basically stuck at this stage. These are images showing the problem:

Thanks to anybody for any help. :slight_smile:


Larry.blend (7.04 MB)

you have problems with the paint weight on your deform mesh. make sure that you don’t have any influence of the right leg bones on the left leg part of the mesh.

This is not the case. Weights on the mesh deform are fine.

Any other suggestions?

Wouldn’t call this fine but it’s not the source of the problem in question

Increasing mesh deform precision to 6 seems to help. Don’t increase that value too much or it will eat your computer

Thank You! That solved the problem :slight_smile:
I suspected it is something with the precision of the mesh deform. Now I can finally go on with rigging and the weights :slight_smile:

I think I should model characters with more separated legs, to avoid problems, right?

Thanks again for the support :slight_smile: