problem with mirror modifier

Hi, I am having a problem with a mirror modifier that I have never had before. I am modelling clothing and the model is snapped to the center and the clothing object is snapped to the center. But when I go to apply the mirror it applies it at this weird angle instead of directly opposite the clothing object on the x axis like it usually does. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks


OK I got it. For some reason I had the clothing object rotated even though it was centered. Thanks.

You might need to apply the rotation while in object mode. I can’t remember if the short cut was different on your version but it’s ctrl+a now. It looks like you have rotated the object at some point in object mode, which has changed the object’s origin. The object’s origin needs to be in the center also, on the point you want to mirror across… if the object is in the center, then use shift+c to center your cursor, select the clothing, and in object mode and use shift+ctrl+alt+c to move the object’s origin to the 3d cursor.

yes eventually it occured to me I HAd had that problem before when I was first learning the program. I cleared all rotation and that did the trick! Hopefully this thread will help someone else too so thanks for the detailed explaination.

buddhanature28, then you should edit your original post and mark it [SOLVED] (go advanced -> prefix (dropdown))