problem with mirror raytracing blender 2.54

well i was just working on a spoon and in the material settings i switched on mirror a with low reflectivity and when i render it it shows all the edges of the mes but this only happens whenever i make a spoon or else it works as it should


can you upload the .blen file?
its really hard to see whats going on on the screenshot

well actually i made the spoon again and this time i rendered it came out fine still don not know what’s wrong though well anyways problem solved

well not always correct i tried some times it works sometimes it doesn’t well here is the blend file


spoon_1.blend (505 KB)

i tried it in a newer release and it came out fine maybe a bug in the original release

the sollution is really easy.
All the normals on the spoon pont to the inside.
Normals errors often occur during modeling but usually only a few faces are flipped,those are easy to spat and fix, in your case its hard to recognise because all face inside.

You can see the direction of the normals by hitting N in editmode and check “face” in the mesh display section.
To recalculate the normals press Ctrl N , this flip all the normals to face to the outside of your mesh.

The cool thing is that you have stumbled upon an easy way to get a solid wireframe render of a mesh. up to now you had to duplicate the mesh, give one a wire material and render the two. This sometimes resulted in less than optimal results and is very cumbersome to do.
Now all you have to do is invert the normals, turn on ray mirror and AA and your done.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand if you have a normal mesh but I have text that is extruded and I can’t recalculate my normals on text. I do not want this sold wireframe. I don’t want to convert the text either because I want to be able to change it easily in the future. Whats the deal?

M. L

well thats new i never knew that was even there

Try a more recent build from I get this effect in the 2.54beta but not in build r32398

i know this only happens with the prevous builds not the new ones