Problem with Model in Pose Mode

Hello everybody

I’ve just started to work with blender. I’ve read the Introduction of a tutorial and gone through a tutorial for an easy animation for beginners.
Now, I have a problem with the armatures in the pose mode. When I rotate an armature, the model doesn’t move correctly. It does move with the armature, but it’s like a copy of the relaxed pose stays behind and between the two is just a blurred mess. It’s the same, when i animate it.

here’s a picture to visualize what i mean.

You might notice, that there’s a second problem bothering me. Namely the black lines in the legs. When I render the relaxed pose, it doesn’t have an effect. but as soon as i bend the knees, there are holes.

I’d be very thankful if someone could explain me how to solve the problems, and why they happend.


It looks like you have duplicate meshes there, one deforming (badly) with the Armature, the other one not at all. You also have some flipped normals on at least one of the meshes, which may be the cause of the deformation issues.

Post the .blend if you can’t get it sorted out from that info.

thank you very much for the quick answer.

I had some double vertices, so I erased them. And I figured because of that the weight paint tool didn’t work properly. I painted it new, and now I have a decent animation.

The holes in the animation are gone as well, but there are still those black lines in the model. They seem to have a small effect on the animation.

Any ideas what they are?

As our good friend CIre stated, you probably have some normals flipped as well. I recommend going into edit mode, select all your vertex points, and then hitting CTRL+N to flip your normals.

yes, that did the trick!

thank you both very much!