Problem with model

I think the problem lies in smoothing or something else I might not know. I am modelling an aircraft and I faced problem when I tried to smooth a window cut. So, basically, I had a solid airframe with no holes with subsurf modifier on 1 view lvl & 1 render lvl. Then I decided to cut out windows (front and side) by using boolean modifier on airframe and window form mesh. Ended up with this >>>

The problem is that if you look a bit closer >>>

you can see that it’s not quite smooth as you might want. I tried to fix it by using Edge Split modifier, normal recalculating, tried to do it manually by deleting edges and creating new - nothing helped or atleast I am something missing. Because I followed a guy on youtube (link to the video), who made videos series of modelling another aircraft and somehow he passed this probem.
So, what are your thoughts about it? How to get it smooth with no artifacts.
Additional screenshot of model taken in edit mode >>>

Thank you, waiting for response.

Hi Nemnyashev,

I’d personally avoid using booleans to cut out the windows all together, it can create quite ugly geometry. It would be better to simply create enough loop cuts (CTRL+R) for the areas you want windows, then just delete the faces. If you then find that the windows are too curved at the edges, all you then have to do is add some more loop-cuts to tighten things up. Avoid triangle polys at all costs, esp for the subsurf modifier.

Jay :wink:

I seen a good technique for cutting holes in this video. Start watching at 20:00min in.

Jay-artist is right never use booleans unless low quality is an acceptable option. In this case this task is really an intermediate or master level project. Those windows call for hours and hours of “fiddely” edge and vert sliding. You need to have a few supporting edge loops to give your windows those subtle radiused curves at the corners. The trouble is that by groupling the edge-loops that close together you will interfere with the over-all shape of the fuselage.

I can genuinely say that this project will be very difficult, compound curves are hard no matter your skill level. I would recommend undertaking an easier project.

Thank you Jay, Ray and Grey. I will try to do as you said and will post results later.

Ray, watching that video I noticed that the video guy tells it’s not good to use a subsurf modifier on game model. Well, I guess I should state it before that I am gonna use this model as a game model. So, do I need to know some additional tips on which modifiers I can use and which not? Anything else? If it matters, I am gonna export this model for Unity3D game engine.

I’d leave the fuselage intact, model the edgering that is supposed to be the window. Have them both as separate objects. Then with shrinkwrap on the edgering have the edgering follow the surface of the fuselage, apply the shrinkwrap modifier, join the ring mesh to the fuselage mesh, remove the faces where the window is supposed to be and then connect it all together.
Perfect shape, perfect geometry.

Ben, I just tried to make one of the side windows and it came out in perfect shape just as you stated. Great advice > problem solved.

No problem, glad it helped.