problem with mouse

well i dont really have a problem with the mouse. But my problem is that i want to make a menu. well ok did that. i made a plane for my base and i found a py script for the mouse. well they mouse works great but my plane turns invisible when when i press [p] i want the plane to be visible and i want the mouse to be visible at all times. heres the .blend just take a look and tell me if u can fix it. thanks.

go into edit mode on the plane
select all vertices
hit ‘w’
click “Flip Normals”

that’ll fix it.

btw, why’d you make your own cursor if you’re making it just like the default cursor anyway?

Import Rasterizer

would work to the same result

lol dunno i cant get that to work out right. plus i can change the cursor that way lol. thanks for telling me that.

flipping the normals doesn’t fix your problem? or are you talking about the mouse code?