Problem with mouse

Hi there this is my first post here,
So I tried to do something else use a shourtcut to do this wich i forgot, i think accidenly i did something else . I try to make model of kind of monster and I made already few bones all its ok when i move but when i try to make another one after i clicked something on keyboard i can do only Big bone. When i do this Shift+ mouse move its a bit better but still not normal like moving bones on Pose Mode. I checked even trying to do something on edit mode on my body not bones and when i click G+mouse move It work on about 10 units (It,s same like clicking G+1) Can anyone help me where i have to change option to make it normal again?(ver. 2.59)
I hope u do understand : ) need to work on my english :o

You may have turned on snapping. Turn on/off with the magnet icon on the 3dview header

That was fast thank you. Ye its a Magnet While changing ctr+Tab i accidenly clicked shift+tab :slight_smile: