Problem with movement??

Hello, I got this dino character that I’m hopefully gonna use for a game. The model is finished and I will soon rig it then import it into the apricot to use realtime lights:yes:

But I got some problem with the movement of the character. He moves forward back right and left with the w,s,a,d buttons. But he doesn’t follow the terrain. I have got this to work with a cube before but never with a model like this. So I would really really appreciate if you could help me make him move right.

Thanks alot!


just change it to actor-dynamic but in the end your controls have to be on your armatures

select your object, press “Ctrl-A” keys to apply “scale/rotation”, then change the “rot” settings from the second field to the third one (Z axis).
It should work…I hope?!

Ok thanks OTO it worked. :smiley: